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Innovative Interventional Pain Physician


My philosophy for approaching Pain Management and treating my chronic pain patients is based on three pillars: listening, diagnosis and partnership.

Listening is one of the most important thing I do as a pain physician. Not only does it help me understand the suffering of my patients, the history of their pain often offers precious clues to a good diagnoses and effective treatment. Through the history and with the addition of physical examination and review of records and imaging, I strive to identify the likely pain generators.

The more precise a diagnosis, the more targeted and effective can a potential treatment be. Finally I see the implementation of a treatment plan as a partnership with my patients. While I can provide tools and treatments, I support my patient in being actively engaged into the improvement of their symptoms and functionality.


Dr Scemama treats a very wide variety of chronic pain conditions involving any part of the body, including  spine-related pain, joint and extremity pain, abdominal pain, chronic headaches and facial pain.


Dr. Scemama uses leading edge therapies to treat his patient including neuromodulation therapies as well as minimally invasive spine procedures.



Dr Scemama is available for virtual consultation via video. If you feel that Dr. Scemama’s expertise may be useful to you, please request a virtual consultation.


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